the 30

This session is designed to be short and sweet. Approximately 30 minutes long, we get right down to it. Having discussed and determined exactly the aesthetic we're going for during pre-session consultation, we dive into the fun and create magic.


the 45

These sessions provide the flexibility to explore our location and take our time getting comfortable and creative.


the 60

This hour long session is designed to facilitate growth & inspiration. Sometimes it takes a little trial & error to find our real groove. This package works best for intimate sessions that include both detail & wide-angle shots.


the half & half

This session is split between two locations*. We spend 30 minutes shooting at each location for dynamic shots in different spots.
*Locations within approx. 10 minutes of one another.


all packages subject to state & local tax.


Do you charge for travel?

There is no travel charge for locations within 18 miles of 98221. Travel after that is .30 per mile.

How many images are included in my package?

I do my best to edit and include all of the best images from your session, therefore varying the exact number of images included in your gallery. Generally, you can expect about 30 for the 30, 45 for the 45, 60 for the 60 and about 60 for the half & half.

When and where do we shoot?

Luckily out here in the PNW, EVERYWHERE is stunning. I have a few go-to, fool-proof locations but I am always up to explore new places. To give my images their unique aesthetic, I aim to schedule sessions at either sunrise or sunset. These times provide the most delicious soft, golden light.

Do you have (military) base access?

I often receive inquiries about military homecomings. As a Navy spouse myself, I do have base access. I am always thrilled to book homecoming, flightline, and military-style sessions.

How does booking work?

Use one of my provided contact methods (email, text, private message, carrier pigeon..) and we will discuss your vision. Once we're mutually agreed to work together, there is a 50% non-refundable retainer fee to secure your session.