It was 2010 when Julianne began offering senior picture sessions to friends and classmates.

Julianne found the process wildly rewarding, especially flipping through the yearbook and seeing her images printed throughout the pages.

She loved coaching her clients, coaxing genuine smiles, and inviting their true personalities to shine through.

There was something so exciting and gratifying about capturing images of others that they truly love, that they felt reflect who they are.

Taking a storytelling and photojournalistic approach,

Julianne aims to capture the

true essence

of her clients.

She takes pride in her ability to put her clients at ease with her warm, bubbly energy and welcoming demeanor.

She says, "not everyone is super comfortable in front of the camera, so I make sure to bring 110% to every session so I can ensure I capture photos of themselves they will love".

The most important element to her sessions is having fun and making memories. Moments and details are elegantly captured, offering fresh perspective through emotionally charged images.

Julianne and her husband, Max, currently live in Pensacola, Florida, where Max is a Naval instructor pilot.

When he is not piloting and she is not photographing, Julianne and Max love to explore the beautiful PNW, cook together, play with their Australian Shepherd mixes, and continue creating a life based in love, adventure, and appreciation.

"I'm literally living my dream being a photographer," Julianne states.

"I'm so grateful for what I get to do".